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When other companies compete like crazy...

Dare to Be Different!


Daring to be different enables your business to stand out. You need strong values, great energy, passion and a level of professionalism and customer service that extends above and beyond.

Want to be different? Change your mindset and the rest will follow. Why? Because meaningful differentiation is a way of thinking.

Focus your thinking on improving these five skills in your business and you will reap the rewards.

1. Empathy

Empathy gets thrown around a lot in support training and for good reason: it might be the single most important customer service skill to develop.

To help your customers to be happy and successful it’s important to understand what happiness and success means to them. And to do that, you have to step into their shoes.

2. Positivity

This is not the kind of positivity you’ll find on inspirational posters. It’s not about your outlook but rather, the language you use.

To understand how powerful positive language is let’s take a look at some negative language. What do these words really mean?

  • Unfortunately: I’m about to tell you something bad.
  • As you know: I’m putting you in your place, and confirming your worst suspicions.
  • I’m afraid that…: Just like As you know, this one invariably always comes before bad news.

How to develop positivity

This one is simple: just replace your negative words with positive ones!

3. Patience

Sometimes your customers will be unhappy. Sometimes your customers will need extra attention to understand things. Sometimes things will simply be difficult. The worst thing you can do in these situations is lose your cool.

Patience helps you deliver better service. Being impatient not only impedes your ability to enjoy life but it makes you worse at doing hard things (like delivering great customer service).

4. Clear Communication

Clarity isn’t just important for creating a feel good experience for customers, but it also makes a big impact on your efficiency, productivity and ultimately the bottom line. For example, if you could send 50 fewer emails a week simply because you avoided the need to repeat or simplify your communications that’s 2600 emails a year. Take a moment to consider the value of this proposition. 

It’s not insignificant and it’s a great argument for practicing crystal-clear communication.

How to Develop Clarity in Communication

One tip especially when explaining something technical is to reflect on how you would explain the instructions to a five-year old.

Note: there’s an obvious caveat with this tip. Be respectful. Use simple, easy-to-understand language.

5. Continuous Improvement

Continually seek ways to improve the way you do things. It will benefit the bottom line of your business and your customers will remember you and keep coming back.

If you dare to be different but need some help to make the transition, then let me help. I offer a free, no-obligation first consultation that I guarantee will put you on the right path.

With you in every success,

Athol Bailey


Business Strategies for Tradesmen, Ph:0418 177 947

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