Are your employees ENGAGED?

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Educate your team about the 'purpose' of your business

Many employers complain their team simply don’t care about the business they work in and that it’s all just about the pay cheque. Understandable when you think about it. If your staff are unclear as to the purpose of your business it’s hard for them to be fully engaged and to want to be there. Providing them with a “higher purpose” – educating them not only around what you do – but how you can change or improve your customer’s lives can make the world of difference.

So... what to do?

While it seems like common sense, getting to know your employees as people, their life outside work, interests, family etc., can make a huge difference as to how they see their relationship with your business.

This is about taking a genuine interest in employees and critically remembering what is important to them!

Just as customers feel valued when you remember small things about them – so too will your employees! Just checking in on how their children went in a play or sporting game can fundamentally change how you’re viewed as an employer.

Small things like this show you care – when you genuinely care about your team chances are they will start to care about the business!

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Vision Statement - the heart and soul of your business

Taking a personal interest in each and every staff member is sound business practice. Underpinning this however is this notion of your staff having a clear understanding of the purpose of your business.

Create and share your inspiring, clear, succinct and meaningful business vision statement and see what happens. The results may surprise you.

And note, a vision statement isn’t something you write and then forget. As your business grows revisit it regularly to measure progress and success. Checking in with your vision statement can also assist in framing key future business decisions.  

Make it visible

It's a good idea to make your vision statement visible in the workplace to inspire staff and remind them of their purpose and importance in your business:

  • Post it up in staff common areas and publicly around your business premises
  • Include in any staff code of conduct documents and staff performance reviews

A powerful example

Online shoe retailer, Zappos, really struggled until they changed the focus of their business from “selling shoes” to “delivering happiness”. The shoes became just products they sold; their purpose became “delivering happiness”. This mindset shift increased staff engagement enormously as it gave their people an entirely different reason for coming to work.

Giving your employees a sense of purpose doesn't need to be about saving or changing lives. The purpose could be as simple as “we put a little sunshine into the day of everyone we deal with – we make the world better, one person at a time”

Every business has a purpose but few clearly articulate it or use it to truly engage their employees!



With you in every success,

Athol Bailey

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