The mangers check list for keeping your team motivated

A motivated employee is a valuable employee - and among the hardest to find. No matter the size of your trades business, its important for all managers to motivate and engage their employees. By empowering your team to succeed in their roles - both on and off the tools - you can create a sense of ownership that will drive greater efforts to deliver quality output and customer service, while impacting positively on retention rates, staff morale and increased financial performance.

There are many ways to keep your employees happy and motivated, but knowing what motivates a person to achieve is unique to everyone. Since relationships are an important factor influencing engagement, the responsibility falls to management to improve motivational levels by building meaningful and beneficial relationships. Promoting teamwork, collaboration and openness is a great first step forward. You’ll notice niggling issues subside and the work environment will become more supportive and productive. Try to adapt as many of these strategies to your trades business as possible:

1, Share your business vision

Your vision is a roadmap for people to see the direction of your business, and all the twists and turns along the way. Work with your team to build a shared vision for the culture, and future, of your business.

2. Be open and available

This starts with listening, discussing what’s going on and providing appropriate forums for feedback. Hold regular meetings with your employees and celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. Good communication can nut out any points of stress or inconsistencies. A good question to regularly ask your team is, ‘Is there anything you’d like to see changed?’

3. Thank employees for good work

Take the time to celebrate wins and milestones. Sometimes a pat on the back or quiet thanks is enough, sometimes a kind note or highlighting achievements in staff meetings will go a long way. Remember to explain your reasoning.

4. Develop your team

Providing the right development and coaching to your team will ensure better outcomes, while avoiding a culture of clock-watchers. There are many avenues for training and development and it will be your responsibility to seek these out for your team. Discuss the outcome of any training and ensure it’s being put into practice in everyday work.

5. Be the best leader you can be

Attitudes are contagious. Strong leaders set the tone for their business and guide their company - and employees - to be the best they can be. You need to mentor, inspire and lead your team to do better business everyday. Regularly communicating the qualities and attitudes intrinsic to your company will also help employees align with these.

Motivation is a critical tool for any business manager. Creating conditions that make people want to offer maximum effort will ensure your business is replicable, profitable and balanced.

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